ProjectsSouth Pars Gas Field Under DevelopmentPhase 13
Phase 13

 Production capacity from the reservoir : 2 BSCFPD

 Offshore facilities
    Number of wells: 38
   Number of offshore Platforms: 4 platforms each used to produce 500 MSCFPD

 Offshore Pipelines:
   Main Pipelines: Two 32” pipelines transferring gas from the main platforms to onshore processing units, 180km long in all, together with two 4.5” lines used for MEG injection.
   Infield Pipelines: Two 18” lines to transfer gas from satellite platforms to the outlets of the main platforms, totaling 14km along with two 4.5” pipelines for MEG injection.

 Onshore Processing Unit
Gas and input liquids are processed in this processing unit, producing the following   products:
   50 MSCMPD of refined gas.
   1.1 MT/year of liquefied gas for export.
   80 thousand barrels/day of gas condensates for export.
   1 MT/year of Ethane gas to feed the petrochemical plants.
   Sulphur: (by product of gas sweetening process) 400 MT/day for export.

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