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POGC is a developmental and manufacturing organization that specializes in the fields of engineering and management of development projects, production, operation and integrated management of oil and gas reservoirs. POGC’s mission is to ensure sustainable and preservative production and development of Iran’s oil and gas industry in the areas under its responsibility, development of oil and gas value chain as well as optimization of energy supply processes at national, regional and international levels. POGC is also in charge of development of joint and non-joint oil and gas fields of the country including South Pars, North Pars, Golshan and Ferdowsi.

Aimed at creating superior value and boosting the level of satisfaction of the beneficiaries and with an approach focusing on sustainable, integrated and knowledge-oriented production and development, the Company is set to become one of the 5 top oil and gas companies of the world. In this path, and through establishing the management systems including ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 19001: 2007 and by implementing and enjoying patterns of organizational development and excellence, project management integrated system, production management integrated system, and integrated management system, the company feels committed to comply with national and international requirements, regulations and standards in such areas as quality, safety, as well as occupational and environmental health. To this end, the company plans and performs the following issues:

1-    Operational agility and sustainable organizational superiority at domestic and international arenas, by using modern technologies, research , education, recreation and innovation, efficient interactions and communications as well as satisfaction of the beneficiaries,
2-    Application and development of eligible, talented, creative, innovative, committed, and accountable human resources who are also loyal to the company’s ideals, objectives and values in order to create an outlook-oriented, learning, healthy, elevated and man’s suitable organization,
3-    Turning the company into a knowledge-oriented and elevated organization through development of teamwork, promotion and improvement of quality and productivity on a regular basis, efficient exchange and sharing of information, establishing knowledge management, improving the production and operation management integrated system, and extension of the participation and consensus system and environment, development of capacities, organizational integration and synergy, improving the core eligibilities specially project management integrated system and eligibilities,
4-    Promoting the healthy and proactive organizational culture and atmosphere through strengthening mutual respect and trust, development of organizational and social co-understanding and cooperation, extension and motivation of a healthy lifestyle and boosting organizational pleasure and freshness,
5-    Sustainable development and preservative production of oil and gas and timely launching of products along with flexibility, speed, delicacy, safety and quality, development of the culture of accountability, follow-up and customer-orientation and upgrading the credit and position of the company at local and international levels,
6-    Preventing environmental pollutions and job accidents, management, mitigation and elimination of risks, preserving the company’s assets, human and organizational capitals in good safe, upgrading the personal and organizational health and desirable fulfillment of social responsibilities,
7-    Compliance with all rules, regulations and standards applicable for the company’s businesses and meeting other national and international requirements,
I, together with all my eligible and capable people, who form the main and most valuable resources and capitals of POGC, in our duties and responsibilities, are committed to and responsible for applying the present policy in order to create a brilliant and inspiring future for the company, oil industry and a better country and tomorrow for all Iranians.

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