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Date: Sunday, September 16, 2012
The South Pars Field, Endows 240 B$ to Iran National Annual Revenue

Launching each of the South Pars phases would increase Irans annual revenue. Right before, the fifth developmental plan is finished, the total annual revenue of the country reaches 240 billion dollars.

NIOC Newstean (Tehran) _ Managing director of the South Pars oil and gas Co., Mousa Souri, attended the first conference of Information technology and communication in oil, gas, refinement, and petro chemistry industry, asserted that assuming the overall mass of the produced gas in the South Pars with 50 dollars value of a barrel of oil, national revenue will reach 120 billion dollars in a year just right before the end of the fifth developmental plan.
This amount of increase will also be much bigger once the value of a barrel of oil reaches 100 dollars. In this case, the annual revenue of the country is estimated to be nearly 240 billion dollars. The revenue of the trading oil in the country is fewer the above-mentioned figures. In fact, launching each of the South Pars phases will add one percent to the GDP in the related fields.
Mentioning that there are projects with the value of 68000 billion dollars in action in the South Pars, he added that we will be able to produce 289 mcm  gas by the development of the 10 phases of the South Pars right now. And by launching another 19 phases before the fifth developmental plan, the mass of gas extracted from this field will increase up to 800  mcm per day.
The value of other productions in the South Pars field will be 8 billion dollars, said CEO of the South Pars. Souri also continued that besides the fact that 17 percent of the world’s gas reserves are Iran possession, this country produces only one percent mass of gas of the world. If Iran could produce 17 to 18 percent of the supplying gas in Europe and the whole world, then no one could be able to meddle in the country’s affairs and decide about sanctions on this country. Also providing the world’s supplying gas by Iran in the high levels, pave the way of the negotiations in politics more than ever.

Managing director of the South Pars oil and gas phases named the most important and the most frequent challenges and obstacles on the way of Pars Oil and Gas Company are access to the beneficial and at the same time influential information of resources, the delay in providing materials and financial resources, the liquidity and currency, the lack of required maturity in the project management, and the weakness in the project management.

Although, the South Pars has many advances regarding Information Technology and Communication, the role of ICT in the oil industry is still intact.  


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