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Date: Monday, January 23, 2017
South Pars Phase 19 Propane and Butane production started
Propane and Butane production units of Phase 19 of South Pars are operationalized with the aim of the completion of the value chain in the phase.
As reported by public relations of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), the director of phase 19 of South Pars announced that the first rows of units 113, 114, 115 (LPG Treatment) have already been put in the production since the previous day and 14 tons of Propane and 14 tons of Butane per hour are being produced from each of the units.
According to Masoudi, the early operation of these units has led phase 19 to be set in the production of one of the most important Gaseous Hydrocarbons which is in fact a big forward step in completing the value chianof the phase.
Pointing to the fact that phase 19 is approaching its real capacity with the ability of producing sweet gas, he added: the fourth row of the phase refinery would be operationalized until the Feb mid and thus, all the four sweetening rows of the phase refinery would reach the pre-defined gas production capacity.
The director of phase 19 of South Pars pointed to the full operationalization of 19A platform and stated that,about 16 million cubic meters of gas from this platform and 14 million cubic meters of sour gas of phases 6 to 8 are sweetened in this phase right now and the total amount of 28 million cubic meters of sweet gas are being transmitted to the national network.
Masoudi pointed to the loading and installment time of the last deck of phase 19 and said that: “we try our best to start the loading and transportation procedures of 19B SPD to its reservoir position before the mid of February”.

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