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Date: Monday, February 06, 2017
Daily gas production to reach more than 500 mcm by the end of February

Managing Director of Pars Oil and Gas company pointing to the daily production of 480 million cubic meters of gas from South Pars gas field said: “restoring the pipelines of phases 19&16 in two weeks, gas production will reach to more than 500 million cubic meters per day .

As reported by public relations of pars oil and gas company(POGC), Mohammad Meshkinfam anounced   that restoration of marine pipelines of phases 19 and 16 will end by this February and said that reconstructing the damaged sections of these lines by the next two weeks, production of more than one billion cubic feet of gas  from respective platform will begin.

 Meshkinfam said the reconstruction conditions of marine lines of phases 19 and 16 have been fully prepared at present and the repair operations will begin with these lines following stabilization of sea.

Managing director of Pars Oil and Gas Company stating that the causes of these events are being reviewed by the technical teams declared:”we are trying to have the appropriate repairs done as soon as possible and then we send one billion cubic feet of gas to refineries of each mentioned phases by reconnecting offshore gas resources to onshore.”

He approved that despite the accident occurred, offshore workers efforts of Pars Oil and Gas Company has led not to face with any drop in production at South Pars field but the amount of gas produced from this field will be increased.

Managing director of POGC outlined the current production of gas from South Pars field to more than 480 million cubic meters per day and added:”re-exploiting the platforms of these phases and the platform 17B, gas production will be about 540 million cubic meters by the end of this Mach.

Pointing to fully operating the platform 19A, Meshkinfam said that total production of this platform, as well as using sour gas of phases 6 to 8, daily sweetening 28 million cubic meters of gas  in phase 19 will send to the grid.

He also pointed out to gas production of the platform of phase 21 and said: “this platform is operating with a production capacity of 28 million cubic meters of gas and part of the sour gas are transferred to onshore facility of phases 20 and 21 and some other part  to refinery of phases 15 and 16”

 Stating that attempts to set up all parts of phases 19, 20 and 21 continues according to predetermined schedule by the end of March he said that the employer and contractors all try to implement the plan. However, final decisions about the formal operation of these phases are taken by the Ministry of Petroleum and the honorable president.

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