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Date: Monday, April 10, 2017
The 3rd sweetening train of phases 20&21 starts
The operation of the 3rd sweetening train of phases 20 and 21 begun as the gas of phase 20 platform is transferred to onshore refinery of phases 20&21.
Finishing completion process of phases 20 and 21, the last development paces of these phases has been taken by the operation of SP20 platform with the production capacity of one billion cubic feet of gas from south pars field. As public relations reported.
Development director of phases 20 and 21 pointed out that the platform of phase 20 with half of its capacity (500 million cubic feet equivalent of 14.2 million cubic meters) is now in the production orbit. He continued “with this amount in the processing cycle in train 3, about 10 million cubic meters of sweet gas is produced”
Ali Reza Ebadi addressed that production capacity of rich sour gas from phases 20 and 21 offshore is two billion cubic feet equivalent of 56 million cubic meters per day. He also added “at present, 1500 cubic feet of the capacity have been fulfilled and sent to onshore”
he announced that the total amount of sweet gas production from the refinery of these phases are 23 million cubic feet and he said “this amount of gas produced by rich sour gas has been received from the 1st and 3rd train of the phases 20 and 21 platforms”.
Ebadi continued that at present half of the production of phase 21 platform equivalent of 14 million cubic meters is being processed in the 1st sweetening train (gas treatment unit) of the phases 20 and 21 and the rest is sent to the phases 15 and 16
Two out of four sweetening train of phases 20&21 are under implementation, 14 million cubic meters of rich sour gas are being processed in each portions.
according to petroleum Minister promise to set up six gas platforms in last year, platform 20 as the latest one of phases 20&21 would be put into operation in the end of winter 2017
this platform had been operationalized in early March through the effort of Iranian experts.
In phases 20&21, 4 sweetening train refine rich sour gas from offshore and inject it to the grid.
The 1st gas sweetening train, on December 2016, then the 3rd one, in the end of winter 2017 while sour gas coming from platform 20, was put into operation. The rest will operationalize on April.

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