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Date: Sunday, April 16, 2017
South pars symbol of resistance economy and Iran’s development

Petroleum minister, Bijan Zanganeh, in the official opening ceremony of south pars 6 phases as well as oil layers of the same field, stated that today is historic, unique, and unforgettable day for Iran’s oil industry.

Pointing to the opening of the greatest set of these phases in history of Iran’s oil industry he stated that the investment value of this project is approximately 20 billion dollars that it can be mentioned as the actual realization of resistance economy policy.

According to petroleum minister, endogenous, extroverted, knowledge-based production and reliance on the value chain strategy have been considered in these plans. in addition, petrochemicals are also being simultaneously developed for the first time.

He said “despite pressures of sanctions we were able to finalize 11 phases of south pars and raise from 240 to 575 million cubic meters of gas production capacity through 3 years and a half”

Zanganeh stressed that “I would venture to say that south pars was not made by money. south pars was made by love, wisdom and hope. This is a big mistake to think that development is created by money but with wisdom comes money”

By: Zanyar Behzadpour

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