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Date: Tuesday, August 08, 2017
SP13; offshore pipeline passes through half
SOUTH PARS – 50 kilometers of the first offshore pipe laying operation was completed.
Project director of phase 13 announced that the operationhas begun since June when onshore lines of A and Bwere piped, each with the length of 3 kilometers, in which the line B had been stopped for a week due to technical problems occurred in the seventh kilometer. Public relations reported.
Pipelay operation restarted when all obstacles were removed and the confirmation was received fromequipment manufacturers.Thus, they are being implemented for more than 50 kilometers without any problem since then,he said.
Stating that the highest daily record has involved 164 pipes (an equivalent of 2043 meters), Motamed added up: “offshore pipelayoperationis being implemented 96 kilometers long from the platform 13B to onshorefacilities of this plan by oceanic 5000 vessel”.
PayamMotamed pointed out “as scheduled, having completed 32-inch pipeline operation from the platform 13B to onshore facilities, 18-inch pipelaying operation will be performed in 6 kilometers longbetween the main platform B and the satellite platform D”
“Based on agreements and also to shorten the project time, the second main 32-inch pipelay operations will subsequently begin with the length of 88 kilometers from platform A to onshore facility as well as 18-inch pipelay operations between the platform A and the satellite platform C with the length of 6 kilometers.” He continued.
He predicted that if preparation operations of platforms 13B, 13Dand complementary operations of the wells are completed the first main and satellite pipeline of phase 13 will be launched by the next spring. This provides phase 13 to daily produce one billion cubic feet of sour gas of this phase.
Phase 13 of south pars development plan entails 4 offshore platforms. The sour gas extracted from 38 wells is transferred via two separate 32-inch pipelines to onshore refinery located 20 kilometers from Kangan city.
SP13 has been designed to daily production of 56 million cubic meters of rich gas from south pars field, 50 million cubic meters of sweet gas, 2900 tons of LPG, 2750 tons of ethane, 75000 barrels of gas condensate, and 400 tons of sulfur.

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