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Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017
SP condensate facility; piping operations reaches 64 percent of progress

SP condensate facility; piping operations reaches 64 percent of progress

Project director of condensate storing and measuring facility announced 64 percent of progress for EPC1 piping operations. He said that all pumps which are applied for condensate transfer were sent to the location of the project.

Amir Mansour Haghverdi pointed out that some other necessary equipment have been provided for the project and are now accessible in the location. He stated that all four power transformers required for the project, in addition to three firefighting pumps, in one hand have been constructed by domestic manufacturers and sent to condensate measuring and storing facility site, and on the other hand, all project’s MOVs have arrived in Bandar Abbas customs.

Haghverdi introduced FISCAL METERING as one of the most significant equipment of the project which is being constructed by a Dutch company (Crone).

Haghverdi declared that piping operations of the project has progressed 64 percent. He said that EPC1, EPC3, and total development have reached to 68, 69.99, 68.71 percent of progress respectively.

While providing explanations about EPC2’s status, haghverdi pointed to tender made by the employer and said “after coordinating and obtaining the necessary permissions on May, Arak machining company was chosen as a winner of the tender and took responsibility for completing EPC2."

The contract for construction of this project has been concluded in the form of EPC1, EPC2, EPC3 in which EPC1 has responsibility to construct supportive parts, piping, electricity, and instrumentation.  EPC2 and EPC3 are responsible to construct four gas condensate storage tanks and a firefighting water tank.

Stating that the contractor has already equipped this section and has also got its workshop start, he said “regarding the 12-month period for EPC2 completion, all operation activities including storing four million barrels, measuring gas condensate as well as the whole project will continue by the next august.”

Construction project of gas condensate storing facility involves 8 tanks with the capacity of 500,000 barrels of condensate in each. If it operationalized, the whole gas condensate which is belong to the phases located in Assaluye (site 1) will first be stored in these tanks  then sent to SPM to export.

Setareh khalije fars (Persian gulf star) refinery, Pars refinery of shiraz, Borzoyeh petrochemical complex with daily consumption of 360000, 120000, 120000 barrels respectively,  are the major consumers of this project.

The amount of gas condensate required for Siraf refinery as well as Farzanegan Fars Nikoo refinery will be provided by this tanks if they both come into operation.

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