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Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017
SP oil layers development plan; latest conditions elaborated
“Utilizing the newest knowledge of horizontally drilling and modern techniques in completing wells intelligently are resulted in continuation of developmental activities.” Director of oil layers development plan said.
FardinAs’adi, director of SP oil layers development plan, pointed out that South Pars oil layers consist of Lower Sarvak Reservoir (Mauddud), Kazhdumi Sandstone, Upper Dariyan and Lower Dariyan located at the depth of one-thousandth of Persian Gulf bed. He said:”SP oil layers development plan has been tentatively started in the form of small project since 2005. This projectwas aimed to construct seven productive wells; to construct, install, launch a well platform; to provide of a Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel called (FPSO). We encountered some problems in providing FPSO due to variety of reasons, so that it was 2013 that its supply as well as the development completion of the first phase of phase 1 of oil layers was placed on NIOC’ agenda.”
In this regards, a tanker was purchased and converted to FPSO’s substructure within 24 months. afterward, the utilities and modules were built and installed on it. Thus, the production lock was broken off from south pars oil layers coincides with the Iranian oil nationalization day (on March 19, 2017), he said.
Referring to the aforementioned vessel called Kourosh as the first FPSO in the whole Middle East, As’adi announced: “there has only been the experience of using FSO without processing equipment in Qatari side and FSU without equipment in the Iranian side so far.”
Cumulative crude oil has been produced more than 3 million barrels since the beginning of current spring. So far, export shipments have been loaded in five steps to the international destinations.
As’adi also announced loading possibility of 700 thousand barrels of crude oil by FPSO. He added up: “typically there is possibility to discharge 30 thousand barrels by means of FPSO’s loading system per hour.”
He stated that the daily operating ceiling of existing wells has been determined 35000 barrels based on reservoir models.
This official pointed out that SP oil layers plan is a step by step process requiring to usethe newest horizontal drilling knowledgeand modern techniques. He continued: “in the second phase of the phase1, drilling operations of injection wells are supposed to be performed on vacant slots of the platform within 6 months from the beginning of coming winter onwardsas well as 30 thousand barrels of water will be daily injected to the area being drained from the beginning of next summer. Otherwise, due to reservoir heterogeneous condition, thin layer and heavy fluid, daily production would be reduced by at least halfat the end of second year of operation.”
Announcing potential pressure connection with other adjacent oil fields (Sepand in southwest, Hamoon in northeast, and Belal in southeast), SP oil layers plan director noted thatmore precise evaluations are required toexploratory/descriptive drilling. Given the fact that 6 layers are being extracted on qatari side, so other deeper layers are likely to be explored on Iranian side.

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