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Date: Monday, November 13, 2017
South pars phase 13: high and mid-pressure flare launched
Fuel system and high and mid-pressure flare of phase13 came into operation while entering the sweet gas from the sixth grid pipeline as well as launching units 122 and 140.
Units 122,130, and 140 of this project were put into the service as scheduled by issuing the documents including RFC, RFSU, PSSER by means of commissioning software namely ICAPS, project director was quoted as saying by public relations.
PayyamMotamed pointed out: “ units to produce steam, pure water, and cooling water will be ready to be launched in a few days as soon as receiving the raw water from shared basin of phases 13, 22 to 24”.
Byfinalizing the latest processes of safety and control system, the first sweetening row of this phase will be launched by the end of February 2018 and then the sweetened gas will be injected to the grid, this official said.
Announcing the total progress of 86.33 percent for the phase 13, Motamed added that 6500 skilled human forces are working in the onshore refinery of phase 13 at this time. Thus this project, with the progress of 90.38 percent, is in the suitable condition.
Considering the simultaneous operations including drilling, platform construction, pipelines, onshore facilities, total project of phase 13 will be finalized next year.
South pars phase 13 has been designed to extract 56 mcm of sour gas, daily production of 50 mcm of methane, 2900 tons of liquid gas (LPG), 2750 tons of ethane, 75000 barrels of gas condensate, and 400 tons of sulfur. This project is being implemented with the consortium of MAPNA group, Iranian marine industrial company (SADRA), petro payedar Iranian company.

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