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Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017
SP gas output hit 85b cubic meters in H1
Iran has produced 85.4 billion cubic meters of rich sour gas from its South Pars Gas Field during the first six months of this year, said operation and support deputy at Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC).
YahyaRashidi made the remark, adding cumulative gas production from the field has reached 155.23 billion cubic meters last year.
Iran gas output from South Pars has reached 64 percent, 53 percent of which goes to the new platforms came online in the previous terms of Rouhani’s presidency, he noted while talking about adding of eight new gas phases to the initial project of the field.
Fourteen gas platforms came on stream in phases 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 during the mentioned term, helping totalrich sour gas production reach 135.60 billion cubic meters so far.
“Upon the approved plan, production capacity of the new phases will increase to 272.9 million cubic meters in winter this year,”Rashidi stated.At present, 25 gas platforms have been launched in South Pars Gas Field, he said, production from the platforms will reach full capacity before winter as maintenance operations has ended.
Safe and sustainable gas production from South Pars and creating new development opportunities are top priorities of Pars Oil and Gas Company, he added. “According to the planning, daily gas output from the field will reach 570.5 million cubic meters that is attained in production operation, as well as air and offshore support sectors.”
Cumulative gas production from South Pars has been 1,147 billion cubic meters by the end of the first half of the year, he explained.It will increase remarkably as development projects ending within the next two year will lead to gas production growth.
Gas recovery from new platforms will increaseby 53 percent. “As development of offshore phases finalize, POGC will account for 75 percent of the field’s gas output,” Rashidi noted, while the current share of the company in gas production from the field stands at 64 percent.
Emphasizing human workforce strengthening in operation and production management of the company, he said having professional workforce is the key element in advancing priorities and reaching strategic goals. Human resource management department has started recruitment of experts based on the company’s fundamental principles in production and development areas and promoted personnel’s specialized levels by holding training and professional courses.
The quality, speed and accuracy of monitoring and operational performance in offshore sector are appropriate, he stated. The quality and speed of performances, as well as equipment and spare parts installation have been raised since removal of limitations, developments in international oil and gas industry and interests growth of foreign companies for cooperation in South Pars projects have had a good and direct impact on growing and continuing production, according to him.

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