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Date: Saturday, December 23, 2017
Research role in south pars sustainable development

Pars oil and gas company managing director stressed the significance of the role of research and technology in sustainable development as well as eliminating problems existed in front of south pars production cycle.

Speaking in a seminar held on the occasion of national technology and research week as well as the company's 20th anniversary, Mohammad Meshkinfamsaid that approximately 550 mcm of the country consuming gas, equivalent of 70 percent, is produced from south pars shared reservoir which involves a chain of platforms, sea pipelines, refineries, and offshore facilities. Undoubtedly, this big achievement goes back to effective measures in the field of research and technology.

Managing director pointed out that 80 percent of the country consuming gas, in the next two year, will be produced from south pars. Production and maintenance of 400 wells, 40 platforms, 3500 km of sea pipelines, 13 offshore refineries, require a comprehensive plan to optimize production and continuous monitoring based on the technology of the day.

Referring to $72 billion investment made in south pars gas field since the last 15 years, the value of investment in this field is when we could provide the country consuming gas continuously by proper management.

He declared that south pars gas field is the country's energy resource which is committed to supply consuming gas. If one of the platforms goes out of production, the gas will be discontinued in one of the country's province. Thus the importance of continuous production will be specified more than ever.

Referring to the knowledge management, elsewhere in his remark, meshkinfam emphasized the necessity to collect south pars executive directors and contractors' experiences which in the severe conditions of sanctions resolved national project problems by trial and error. These operational experiences, both in offshore and onshore facilities, can be arranged in the form of a booklet.

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