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Date: Tuesday, December 26, 2017
SP refineries ready for winter
Following the provision of 70 percent of the country’s gas basket, supportive and operation deputy announced that pars oil and gas company has full readiness to produce the determined amount of 570 million cubic meters per day in the second half of Iranian calendar year (fall and winter).
Initially, operation and exploitation from south pars gas field were carried out by south pars gas complex (SPGC) under the supervision of national gas company which based on oil ministry macro policy in the area of upstream fields, exploitation of the tank was enthrusted to pars oil and gas company (POGC) after about 6 years.YahyaRashidi was quoted by public relations as saying.
Rashidi pointed out that production was started by developing phases 2&3 saying that “south pars development plans are completed by March 20, 2020. In this regard, 27 platforms of this huge field have been exploited so far”.
Given daily production that has been determined 570 mcm, Rashidi said the field currently has a daily production capacity of 570 million cubic meters (mcm) and we are producing 550 mcm of gas at the moment. This amount will increase to 570 mcm per day as soon as the limitations of refineries in receiving gas are removed.
Rashidi also mentioned all gas platforms have been overhauled in the first half of Iranian calendar year (since March 21 to September 23)saying that “based on POGC’s commitments, we are completely prepared to produce the amount of gas required for winter consumption”.
Elsewhere in his remarks, supportive and operation deputy mentioned that one of the concerns of gas and oil industries is corrosion in gas transmission pipelines saying that “according to investigations carried out, the degree of pipeline corrosion in the phases under production with long worklife is less than the conventional average of 5 there nothing to concern.
Announcing the negotiations conducted with ten domestic companies to implement smart pipeline pig operation, the official said “the contractors and their foreigner partners are being technically evaluated and we hope we would sign a deal by the end of current winter”.

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