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Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018
SP Power Plant: power production over 17 million MWh
Production operation director declared that south pars power plant has ever produced 17700 million MWh of electricity since it has started operations.
AlirezaEbadi demonstrated that south pars power plant is the only energy source in the current condition which supplies power for many SP refinery phases. In this regard, he continued that SP power plant has started its operations under supervision of operation directorate since 2009which has recorded 76000 person-hour work without incident, public relations reported.
The power plant consists of 6 gas units in the model of V94.2, total capacity of 1000 MW of electricity, as well as side systems,diesel house, compressor house, pump house, firefighting station, two 132 kilovolt posts, and a 400 kilovolt post which has been located in northern east of the phases 15&16 in the land area of 28 hectares.
It has been produced 17700 million megawatt of electricity so far by this plant that 7700 million megawatt of which has been transmitted to SP refinery phases and the rest allocated to the country grid.
The centralized power plant aims to safely and continuously supply the electricity for the phases of 9&10, 15&16, 17&18, and 20&21 located in pars 1 region as well as 12, 13, 19, 22-23-24 in pars 2.Moreover, it supports phases 1 to 8, gas condensate facilities, downstream industries, basins consumptions. This plant has also been considered a reliable source of power for the grid when needed.
In order the power plant to increase its continuous production, a project including a 400-kilovolt transmission lines and a post were established and connected to power grid.
Referring to supply the amount of electrical energy required to phases 1 to 8 through establishing ring network plan for pars 1 region, operation director added "with the efforts and supports given, this process has been completely accomplished for the phases 4&5, and will be shortly fulfilled for the first three phases.
Ebadi stated that Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) has regardedenvironmental protection, reduction of environmental pollutants and greenhouse gases as one of its own significant target and has taken effective steps in this direction. To this end, south pars gas power plant has been placed on the agenda to be converted to combined cycle power plant.
The heat caused by turbines output gases through heat recovery boilers is used to produce steam, then to initiate steam turbo generators, and subsequently to produce electricity.
According to Ebadi, it results in not only reducing environmental damaging effects but also the efficiency will increase from 25-40 percent to about 60 percent.

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