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Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018
LPG export dock to be utilized by next year

Supportive plans director announced that the contractor for constructing export-service port of Tombak has been committed to operate one post of LPG export dock by the next year.

Seyyed Mohidin Jafari described the latest condition of service- export port of Tombak by saying that operations to construct export-service port of Tombak, which is the only one belonged to National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) located in Pars 2 region, have been started since late March 2014 and made 43 percent of progress now.

This plan aimed to construct two post LPG export dock for ships each with the loading capacity of 50,000 tons of liquid gas to berth, one post of modern and mechanized dock for sulfur export with the loading capacity of 2000 tons per hour for 5000 to 50,000-ton vessels, Construction of two storage warehouse each with a capacity of 43 thousand tons of sulfur, construction of two eastern and western breakwater with the length of 2969 and 1757 meters respectively in the form of gravel, construction of unit 149 of phases 22-24 export LPG, and TOP DECK industrial utilities are in agenda in order to export, supportive plans director said.

Pointing to south pars export-service port of Tombak with a maximum depth of 35 meters as the deepest port in Iran and Persian Gulf Jafari continued that "according to timetable and contractor's commitment, this plan is expected to end by March 20, 2019".

Stating the last steps taken so far to exploit the first LPG export dock, Jafari said concrete infrastructure dock number 1 is completed, fenders installation for connecting ships to the dock are under operations, and dock top structure operation will shortly start by Petrosina Aria company.

He also noted to Tombak port breakwaters by saying that western breakwater has gone up to 1373 meters of progress by using 19 caissons and will be finished with another 29 caissons. On the other side, the eastern breakwater has been reached to 1290 meters of progress and another 467 meters have still been remained.

This official said if financial resources of this project provided timely, export dock of sulfur will be exploited by the next winter.

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