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Date: Saturday, March 03, 2018
Flare Jackets of 23rd and 24th “A” platforms of South Pars project are ready for installation
FarhadIzadjou, the manager of development project of 23rd and 24th “A” phase said to POGC’s public relation:”After loading, bracing and shipment of two jackets in position on Monday (27 Feb 2018), we will start the installation process on Tuesday”
He described this process as an important step in completion of construction and operation project in 23rd and 24th phase. According to Izadjou the construction of 22nd, 23rd& 24th phase of South Pars project is 88.2% completed in onshore and 92% in offshore sector.
On the other hand, the drilling process of 22nd, 24th “A” and 24th “B” platforms are completed and will be operational after delivery and installation of CRA pipes. The drilling process of 23rd phase platform is 85% completed and will be finished in May 2018.
Izadjou added: “The first line of sweetening sector of refinery is ready for sour gas delivery and respective operation will start in March.”
The development project of 22nd, 23rd and 24th phases of South Pars is designed to produce 56 MCM/day natural gas which will be refined to 50 MCM/day sweet gas, 75 bpd condensate and 400 tons of sulfur, 1 million ton Ethan and 1 million tons of Propane and Butane every year.

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