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Date: Saturday, March 17, 2018
Tenders for the 11th phaseto be finalized soon
CEO of POGC, Mohammad Meshkinfam confirmed the completion of first part of 11th phase’s tender for contractors and said: “The result of tender will be reported by Total to POGC soon and it will be concluded in order to start the operations”.
Meshkinfan added: “The process of this contract is on schedule and there were no delay by now.”
According to POGC’s public relations the 22nd phase’s platform will be loaded from Sadrayaed on Thursday.
Meshkinfam added: “The South Pars project has produced 550 MCM/day soar gas this winter and the production rate of whole project will increase by 2 bcm/day in the next six months. The 14A platform will add 500 mcm/day in the next few months, the 14C platform and 13th and 22-24 phase’s platforms will each produce 500 mcm/day soar gas in the next 6 months respectively”.
He explained about the “Flare reduction” project which will be implemented on 2nd and 3rd phases of SPG project: “This project will start at these phases and would be followed on the remaining phases.”
The connecting pipelines of 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th phases have been operated and will transfer 12 million soar gas of 6th and 8th phases to refineries on 4th and 5th phase.

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