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Date: Saturday, April 07, 2018
SP13 refinery: Gas injection to grid started
The first sweetening row of SP13 refinery, on the anniversary of nationalization of Iranian oil industry, was put into the operation by injecting sweet gas to the sixth line of the grid.
In this regard, SP13 director said the first sweetening row of this refinery started operation by receiving 7 million cubic meters from the fifth line of the grid.Then this amount of gas was injected to the sixth line after sweetening process.
PayyamMotamed reminded that refinery phase 13 was ready to receive sour gas in early February. He emphasized that initial launch was postponed to one month later due to the influx of cold currents to country as well as increasing domestic gas consumptions.
To launch the first sweetening row, sour gas transferring operations was started from the fifth line to refinery by observing safety precautions and standards in hazardous environment. It was transferred to the first sweetening row by passing from diverse units.
According to Motamed, sweetening operations were performed in unit 101 in less than 3 hours. The sweetened gas was transferred to units 104 and 105 to stabilize moisture content as well as to separate its components.
Considering to readiness of gas export unit, on the coincidence of nationalization anniversary of Iranian oil industry, refined gas in the first row was injected to the sixth line with the pressure increase of 90 bar.
Second sweetening row will launch by April 20
Construction operation of second sweetening row of this phase has made considerable progress. Thus this unit is predicted to come to operations in the next two weeks.
Motamed announced that the amount of progress made for platforms, marine pipeline, drilling marine wells, and onshore facility are 85, 78, 86, 92 percent respectively. It should be noted that total progress of the south pars phase 13 development plan is 89.
This official also pointed out that the platforms B & D are being constructed with 92 percent of progress in SADRA yard near the capital city of Bushehr. As installed by December 2018, received gas from reservoir will be transferred to refinery.
South pars phase 13 has been designed to extract 56 million cubic meters of sour gas, daily production of 50 million cubic meters of methane, 2900 tons of liquid gas (LPG), 2750 tons of ethane, 75000 barrels of gas condensate, and 400 tons of sulfur. This project is being implemented with the consortium of MAPNA group, Iranian marine industrial company (SADRA), petro payedar Iranian company.

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