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Date: Sunday, May 13, 2018
More than 93 percent of gas pipeline constructed
TEHRAN – the director of projects in construction and engineering affairs announced that more than 93 percent of pipelaying operations have been performed in south pars development plans.
Pointing to the pipelaying operations to transfer sour gas from the offshore facilities to onshore refineries located at Assalueyeh and Kangan city as one of the significant parts of south pars development plans, MostafaOmidvar said due to geographical locations that these onshore refineries as well as offshore blocks have been built on, the length of sour gas pipelines from south pars reservoir varies from 85 to 145 km in each phase.
In this regard, some 2733 km of seabed pipelines are used to transfer sour gas to onshore refineries at this time that these vital arteries account for 70 percent of the state gas consumptions. However it will meet 2923 km long as all development plans (except the phase 11) come to end.
According to Omidvar, wide gas pipeline network in south pars facilities consists of 32-inch pipelines, 4-inch pipelines to inject glycol to refineries, 18 and 20-inch pipelines to transfer gas from 10 satellite platforms to the main platforms. Moreover in order for the gas condensate produced from Assaluyeh and Kangan refinery complexes to be loaded and exported via SBM terminals, some 11 km long pipelines have been extended up to 3-5 km off the Assaluyeh and Kangan coasts which another five-kilometer pipeline is to be added to Kangan area.
In the end this official said Pars Oil and Gas Company has succeeded in laying 2816 km out of 3021 km of seabed pipelines that the remaining 205 km of pipeline will be completed by the end of Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2019).

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