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Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2018
SP flowing pipelines and jackets under inspection
ASSALUYEH – a project to inspect flowing pipelines, jackets for gas and accommodation platforms was started in order to protect south pars offshore facilities.
Emphasizing on the necessity of planning and maintaining 2300 kilometers of gas production pipelines and jackets of accommodation and gas production platforms, Yahya Rashidi, deputy of operations and support affairs, said this is the first time that the project is being implemented by a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) for all submarine pipelines and offshore facilities, public relations of pars oil and gas company reported.
All pipelines and jackets will be scanned by ROV to determine if any changes occurred in terms of coverage, minor leak, and possible displacements than initial constructions.
ROV program is in the form of a two-year plan whose monitoring duration is affected by weather conditions in the sea. This program is being executed by two vessels, one called DP1 used for pipelines and the other one called DP2 for jackets. Now the operations have been completed for four pipelines and three platforms and will be performed for others as scheduled.
Pipeline pigging system is another plan whose tender is ongoing for the project. Having selected the contractor and operated it, Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) system will be fulfilled for south pars critical pipelines.
Referring to south pars strategic role in supplying sustainable energy, Rashidi announced we are scheduling to implement AIM system whose pre-implementation is ongoing in parallel in various department of this directorate.
There is one more plan afoot to revise annual overhaul and equipment inspection by applying modern monitoring methods. Having applied the methods, platform overhaul period and consequently being put out of service will be considerably reduced.

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