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Date: Sunday, May 27, 2018
SP22-24; second platform ready to be installed
ASSALUYEH – platform 24A is in its final stages of construction and pre-commissioning operations, SP22-24 offshore director announced.
In order to be installed on the location, the platform24A will be loaded out by the end of this current Iranian month (by the end of spring) from SADRA yard, near the city of Bushehr. So the installation will be likely in early July, Farshad Heidari said.
The platform 24A which is a satellite one is connected to the platform 22 by an 18-inch pipeline. Having completed the commissioning operations of these two platforms, production capacity will be possible to equivalent to one standard phase, that is, 28 million cubic meters per day.
Given the fact that jackets for every 4 platforms and flare tripods with FSP Deck belonging to platforms 22, 23 24A have been installed, Heidari said the platform24B flare tripod, as the latest platform of this plan, will be completed and ready to be installed in three weeks.
As scheduled, two platforms namely 23 and 24B will be available to be loaded out and installed by the October.
Sweetening gas injection started
Following the launch of the first sweetening row, sweet gas production was started from the first processing unit of this plan.
South pars phase 22-24 gas sweetening row is capable to produce 12.5 million cubic meters of sweet gas per day. In this regard, Farhad Izadjoo phase 22-24 director elaborated that the row is currently fed by the phase 6-8 sour gas and injects almost 7 million cubic meters of sweet gas to the 6th line of national network.
Having processed in unit 101, the produced sweeten gas is sent to units 104 and 105 to stabilize moisture, separate the compounds then to unit 106. Afterward the gas will be injected to the grid with the pressure of 86 bars.
Exploitation of the first sweetening row was simultaneously carried out with the first platform installation of this plan on its location. According to SP22-24 director, the 3 remaining row will be gradually launched at two month intervals.
Experimental production of the first sweetening row aims to exploit new sweetening capacities, to evaluate and eliminate processing barriers, to reduce production cycle times, produce and process from offshore to refinery.

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