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Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018
SP developing platforms to be installed based on drilling completion schedule
ASSALUYEH – based on planning and prioritization, 6 out of 9 developing platforms will be installed and launched by the end of Iranian calendar year.
Pointing to 85-95 percent of progress made in developing platforms, project planning and control director Ali Afarideh Ghiasi announced that 6 out of 9 platforms, based on planning and prioritization, will be installed and launched by the end of Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2019).
Ali Afarideh mentioned the balanced trend of work progress in constructing south pars remaining platforms, in parallel with drilling and completion of developmental wells related to each platform are among the most important prioritization factors to carry and install. Accordingly, the first priority for the employer to carry and install these platforms is on the basis of the possibility to produce more gas by such platforms from the common field.
Having the platform 22 installed last week, platform 13B, 14C, and 24A will be loaded out by the end of summer and the others namely 23, 24B, 13A, 13C, 14D will continue to be available.
Recalling the platform 14A installation in ISOICO yard, Afarideh added up the 2nd platform, namely 14B is now under construction in the same yard and will be ready to get installed by the end of coming March.
As a result of follow-up and continuous monitoring in executive process, appropriate progresses had been made in onshore refineries last year despite all the existing restrictions. Currently, the 1st and 2nd sweetening row of phase 13 along with the 1st row of the phases 22-24 have been launched and the others will be exploited in coming months.

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