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Date: Saturday, July 28, 2018
SP20&21 ethane production capacity completed
ASSALUYEH - Having the last turbo expander launched, SP20&21 ethane production met its final capacity.

While all four turbo expanders of the Unit 105 launched, Ali Reza Ebadi, SP20-21director, announced that currently 2400 tons of ethane produced daily from phases 20 and 21 are delivered to petrochemical complexes, public relations reported.
According to Ebadi, this amount of ethane causes $18 million of profit in downstream industries.Three out of four turbo expanders were launched by domestic contractors whose operation rate were three times as fast as the one accomplished by the participation of foreign manufacturer representative.
He introduced ethane production in its nominal level among those programs implemented to complete SP20-21 value chain and said by replacing the absorbent material existing in the first sweetening row through overhaul in next week, ethane production of these phases will reach 2600 tons a day.
Sour gas production from SP20-21 offshore facilities is 2 billion cubic feet a day which is in full accordance with designated capacity.

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