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Date: Saturday, July 28, 2018
SP 4 new platforms to be loaded from SADRA
ASSALUYEH – necessary arrangements were made to select contractors for loading, transportation, installation, and commissioning four new platforms. Given 90 percent progress, these platforms are prepared to be loaded and transferred to their locations, managing director said.

As visited Iran Marine Industrial Company's (SADRA) yard, Meshkinfam announced that 90 percent of progress has been made to construct the platforms 13B, 13D, 14C, 24A. In a total of 10 platforms assigned to SADRA, one is installed and the second one is ready to be loaded out and three others are getting installed by the end of current summer.
Having exploited 6 new platforms by the end of current Iranian year (March 20, 2019), SP gas production capacity reaches 3 billion cubic feet a day, he said.
Much progress has been made in constructing these platforms. To avoid increasing costs, wasting time and removing barriers at sea, the highest level of implementation is in progress in onshore facilities and SADRA yard.
The aforementioned platforms are scheduled by employer to be installed and launched considering the degree to which the progress has been made for constructing, pre-commissioning, and commissioning them in SADRA yard as well as the condition of measure taken in the drilling section and pipelines of these platforms.
If the drilling operation is completed, the platform 14B will be operational by the end of Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2019).
Meshkinfam considered it mandatory to prepare the units connected with gas entering, processing, storage, and gas condensate exportat the same time as the sour gas is received from offshore facilities.Thus the focus on gas condensate units aims to ensure that the measures are taken to complete production chain in these phases.
Of phases 13, 22-24, other sweetening rows will be exploited by March 20. Processing units to receive sour gas from their platforms are in an appropriate condition. So, by receiving gas the mentioned phases will be operational by November 21.

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