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Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018
SP9-10: tip flares successfully replaced
ASSALUYEH – in an intensive operation and under the precise control of Iranian engineers, high and low-pressure tip flares were successfully replaced in two productive platforms belonging to SP9-10.

Replacement operation for each platform was carried out at the height of 90 meters above sea level. This operation which took about 10 hours by using crane barge was accomplished in overhaul period of the two platforms
The operations to construct and install these tip flares were localized with the cooperation of technical survey and maintenance units. Fortunately, appropriate actions have been taken to construct equipment and required spare parts with the participation of Iranian manufacturers.
It is attempted to make an important step to strengthen Iranian manufacturer through the transfer of technical knowledge and the establishment of links with knowledge-based companies.
These tip flares were replaced due to mechanical damages resulted from corrosion and burnout over the last 9 years. At the same time as the overhaul of two platforms, the aforementioned operations were carried out with all safety precaution under favorable sea condition

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