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Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018
SP13, 22-24; two floodcontrol dams constructed
Referring to heavy rains in south pars region, head of support plans announced that the operation to construct two dams were completed in the upstream of the phases 13, 22-24.

Considering the heavy rains in fall and winter in south pars region, these dams were constructed to control the flood resulted from such heavy rains and prevent the phases which are under construction from damage, public relations reported.
Following the bidding in fall 2014 and the selection of the contractors, the operations to build two dams called D1 and D2 started as scheduled. In order to perform the project activities and prevent it from flood, coffer dams, temporary and small-scaled dams which are parts of the main dam, were constructed as well. MohidinJafari, head of support plans stated.
With the construction of these coffer dams, no damage was caused to phase13 by the flood occurred in fall and winter 2015 and 2016. Jafari added up that following the relevant executive activities in 2016 and 2017, main body of the dams were built at the same time as flood disposal systems, including downstream channels of the dams, were completed.
Due to the construction of these dams, in February and March 2017, the huge amount of flood caused by 110 mm precipitation was controlled and the phases 13, 22-24 were avoided from damage.

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