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Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018
South pars phase13; contaminated amine treated by vacuum distillation
ASSALUYEH –for the first time in oil industry and with high capacity in country, south pars contaminated amine were successfully purified throughvacuum distillation.

Director of phase 13 announced that over 300 cubic meters of amine with the purity of 35 percent by weight, which had been contaminated by the sea water leakage in temperature cooler of sweetening trains, were successfully purified, public relations reported.
Referring to high prices and long-term process in supplying MDEA amine from abroad, PayyamMotamed stated thathavingreviews conducted by operational units and the processes simulated, the required changes in vacuum distillation type weremade in the reclaimer unit and the operations to purify amine were successfully carried out by adding pumps, reservoirs, and new communication lines to the reclaimer.
In this method 85 to 90 percent of amine was recovered and all the intruder compounds in the contaminated amine are thoroughly eliminated.
One of the great merits in implementing this project is to create permanent facilities to purify existing contaminated amine and likely contaminations in future.
It is a great economic advantage to implement this method in term of both saving time to supply the amine and prevent gas production from being reduced.

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