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Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018
South pars phase14; the second platform started up
ASSALUYEH – the satellite platform,14C, started to produce sour gas from the south pars tank. Announcing the production capacity of 500 million cubic feet for the platform 14c, Hamid Reza Masoudi, the director of phase 14, said as promised earlier, the total gas production in offshore sector of the phase 14 will increase up to 1 billion cubic feet (equivalent to 14.1 MCM) a day by commissioning the second platform of the plan until the end of current Iranian year (March 20), public relations reported.

Masoudi pointed out that infield piplaying operations have been completed for 4.5- and 18-inch pipelines to transfer glycol and sour gas respectively. First, the gas produced from the platform 14c (satellite) is transferred to 14a (main platform). Then it will be sent to landfall with the produced gas from 14a. After refining, the mentioned gas will be injected to the grid.

Given the volume and activities performed in constructing the 2300-ton deck, the accomplished innovative techniques as well as highly constructed topside make it possible to minimize the time of installation, pre-commissioning, and commissioning operations in the sea.

Monthly constructed 3.5 percent, SPD-14C is the first structure among all other offshore decks in south pars which has made an incredible record since the common field plans started being developed.

This platform hook-up operation is also the fastest on record for less than 15 days. Previously performed hook-up operations in south pars have been carried out for an average period of 45 days. With unceasing attempt made by the employer and SADRA co., the operation was implemented by using modern laser scanning techniques. The techniques, which had been already done in Bandar Abbas industrial yard, reduced the operation time to one third and we succeeded in making a considerable record not only in south pars but also in Iran's offshore industry, Masoudi said.

By adding the second platform of SP14, half of the production chain will be fulfilled in offshore sector of this national huge plan.

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