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Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018
South pars phase13 connected to 9th line of gas transmission network
ASSALUYEH – the director of phase13 announced an increase in production coefficient of flexibility due to the connection of sweetening gas output line to the 6th and 9th gas transmission lines.

Referring to uninterrupted, coherent, and integrated operations in both onshore and offshore sectors at a time to speed up the development process, the director of phase13, Payyam Motamed, said the 42-inch pipeline related to sweeten gas outlet was connected to 56-inch, linking pipeline between site 1 and 2, public relations reported.

A variety of stages including drilling, fit up, welding, test operations were carried out by phase13's project team. The operation started last Wednesday and took 4 days. Now, phase13 has the ability to deliver sweet gas to the 6th and 9th lines of cross-country gas network.

Due to setting up the refineries located in site2, the necessary arrangements have been made to prevent gas pressure from building up in IGAT6 line. The 9th line transfers an excess of gas produced from such refineries to the 3rd and 10th lines (site 1).

As scheduled, it is estimated that phase 13 plays a significant role in providing the required gas for coming winter by commissioning the last sweetening train and receiving 1 billion cubic feet of sour gas from offshore sector until the end of fall.

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