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Date: Monday, November 26, 2018
Latest situation in south pars development plan

Managing director of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC) visited the latest situation in development plans as public relations department reported.

In an interview, he pointed out to the platform 14C commissioned last month and declared that according to a target determined by oil ministry, POGC is required to generate 84 million cubic meters (3 billion cubic feet) from the remaining phases (13, 14, 23-24) in the current Iranian calendar year (by March 20,2019).

For phase 14, the first block has been carried out with the production capacity of 28 million cubic meters (1 billion cubic feet) a day so far.

In the phase 13, the two decks called 13B, 13D are now loaded out and drilling operations are complete, as soon as the weather conditions permit, they will be sailed out to install in their locations.  As commissioned, the second block will be fulfilled with the production capacity of 28 million cubic meters a day.

Meshkinfam mentioned that the platform 22 is now installed and offshore refinery is prepared to receive gas from the sea. This platform will start to produce 14 mcm of sour gas one month after the drilling rig is separated.

Drilling operation for the platform 24A is going to end next week and the deck is ready at SADRA yard. Having the two platforms of phase 13 installed, the 24A will be loaded and sailed by the vessel FLB124 to install.

Commissioning the mentioned platforms, each phase produces 28 mcm of sour gas a day. Therefore 84 mcm will be realized according to the determined plan from oil ministry.

At present, it is being normally produced 580 mcm from south pars common field that has the capacity to increase up to 600 mcm a day..


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