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Date: Saturday, June 08, 2019
Gas recovery coefficient increases in SP4 platform
To increase gas recovery coefficient and make the production period more stable in SPD4, some operations including perforation, producing from reservoir layer of K1, and matrix acidizing were carried out in SPD5.

This operations were carried out by installing a drill rig on SPD5 in parallel with the production process (SIMOP), during which time, K1 layer perforation in 11 wells and matrix acidizing in 9 wells were completed within 108 days.
Public relations reported, As a result of these operations, the reservoir layer of K1 became operational and wellhead flowing pressure was increased by an average of 330 for each well at the production rate of 80 million cubic feet a day.

The operation began in late February and was successfully completed in mid-June by oil and gas engineering directorate of POGC.

It is worth mentioning that the capability of domestic contractors to supply other equipment and ancillary services was used in this operation.

Currently, the repair operation on the well No. 2 of SPD5 is under way in order to improve its production potential.

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