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Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2019
SP14; Latest condition elaborated
Director of phase 14, Mohammad Mehdi Tavasolipour, announced that remaining two platforms of phase 14 will be operational in early winter.

The last deck of the phase 14 which is the satellite one, namely 14D, is going to be transferred and installed on its jacket until the end of this autumn if the weather condition permits. It is expected thatoffshore package of phase 14 will be completed until late January. So the final goal to produce 2 billion cubic feet of sour gas will be realized. Tavasolipour was quoted by public relations as saying.

For the time of being, SPD14D weighing 2500 tons is being constructed in Iran marine industrial company (Sadra)'s yard. The amount of progress made is 95 and 65 percent in structure and pre-commissioning part respectively.

About drilling activities, SP14's director stated that CRA pipes and perforationfor 7 wells are doneand their acidizing operations will be over soon. Having acidizing operations carried out in 3 weeks, these 7 wells are capable of generating 14.2 million cubic meters (500 cubic feet) a day.

He also said that the second marine pipelines of the project including a 32-inch line that connect offshore sector to onshore refinery and 18-inch line between platforms 14D and 14B are complete.Moreover a 5-kilometer-long pipeline between phases 12 and 14 is being laid.After commissioning stages it will carry the gas produced by platform 14B from refinery phase 14 to phase12.

As scheduled, the last deck of phase 14 called 14D will be installed in 3 weeks. It takes 30 to 45 days to come to operation. SPD14D is going to generate 14.2 million cubic meters (500 million cubic feet) of sour gas a day.

According to Tavasolipour, refinery of phase 14 has progressed 82% in EPC, over 90% in engineering, 90% in material supply, and 72% in executive parts. The first utility of phase 14 will be exploited by spring.

South pars development plan phase 14 aims to daily extract 56.6 mcm of rich gas from the shared tank by means of 4 platforms located in 105 km from Kangan city. The gas is transferred to onshore facilities and converted to 50 mcm of sweet gas, 75000 barrels of gas condensate, 400 tons of sulfur, one million tons of ethane, one million tons of LPG.

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