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Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Universities to Be Mobilized To Enhance Recovery Rate

Deputy Minister Of Petroleum For Research And Technology says reinforcing Rising Production And Enhancing Recovery Rate Consortium’s activities is our first priority in next Iranian calendar year that begins 21st March 2012.

Speaking to Shana, Dr. Mohammad Reza Moqaddam said enhancing recovery rate and boosting hydrocarbon production had turned into one of the most challenging issues in upstream sector adding all the oil industry’s capabilities have been mobilized with the aim of reinforcing the Consortium which in turn is able to manage existing challenges on enhancing recovery rate.
According to the official, the Consortium which has been created by participation of a number of academic centers plans to centralize academic capabilities and infrastructures, to start scientific jihad in order to attain enhancing recovery rate’s goals, to design and implement effective and product-centered research projects, to support implementation of broad based projects in national scale, planning and trying to get access to new technologies and implementation of international programs on enhancing recovery rate.

Among the advantages of creation of this consortium can refer to promoting scientific, experimental and technical synergy in the country’s universities, preventing repeating researches, reduction the cost of research and operational works, creating value added and generating wealth, responding to employers needs and strengthening scientific capabilities of universities and research centers.
He stressed on organizing theses written by post graduate and PhD students stating theses are rich sources for research activities.

'By organizing these theses there is the possibility to use them in a desirable way’, the official said.
He went on to say that in advanced countries, industrial sector announcing their needs to universities, providing financial support and after that the related universities mobilize students and professors to carry out the projects based on the industrial sector’s needs until its completion ‘a successful model we are seeking to follow.’


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