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Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Minister of Petroleum:We Will Turn Threats into a Historical Opportunity

By a deep understanding of current sensitive circumstances, oil industry staff will change threats resulting from sanctions into a historical opportunity for the country’s advancement.

 Iranian minister of petroleum, Rostam Qasemi made the above remarks on Monday during a visit by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to an exhibition relating to Iran’s oil industry achievements and capabilities, adding managers and employees of the oil industry are very proud are hosting the Supreme Leader for the second time this year which is named the Year of Economic Jihad. 

He continued that Islamic Republic of Iran celebrated its 33rd anniversary of its glorious Islamic Revolution at a time when thanks to three decades endeavor and resistance of its leadership and people and following insistence on its rightful positions, Islamic Awakening bore fruit so that the Middle East and North Africa region is witnessing major social and economic developments and now it is Islam turn to conquer key trenches of the world one after another.   

I would like to take the opportunity to declare that oil and gas are not only driving force of the national economy and development but one of the main elements of national security. Qasemi continued ‘your children at the petroleum ministry with a deep understanding of current sensitive circumstances and inspired by the soul of more than 1000 martyrs of oil industry staff will change threat arising from sanctions into an opportunity so that to regret the evil U.S from its unwise decisions on imposing sanctions against Iran’s oil industry’.   

’By getting help from God, your Excellency’s blessing and relying on domestic might, we will increase production of oil and its derivatives, gas and petrochemical products as planned and will localize manufacturing of oil industry  equipments through ‘self-sufficiency Jihad’ as soon as possible, petroleum minister concluded.  


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