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Date: Thursday, March 15, 2012
Qasemi Congratulates Anniversary of Oil Nationalization

On the occasion of anniversary of nationalization of Iran’ oil industry on 19th March 1951, Iranian minister of petroleum Rostam Qasemi issued a message to Iranian people and oil industry staff.

The message starts with a quote from the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei who says: I am seriously asking all the employees, experts and others who are involved in oil industry activities to consider their jobs as ‘Jihad for the sake of God’.

The message by the minister of petroleum continues: I would like to congratulate anniversary of the nationalization of Iran’s oil industry to all my dear colleagues in oil industry and all honored nation of Islamic Iran.

‘Iran’s oil industry was nationalized many years ago as the result of efforts made by many combatants and those great persons whose mind were preoccupied with Iran’s self sufficiency but it is not hidden to anybody that Iran’s oil industry was nationalized once again after the victory of Islamic Revolution in a genuine way’, the message reads.

In another part of the message, the minister says: Now that oil industry has been given over to us as a valuable and precious memento for safekeeping, protecting the industry implies safeguarding the revolution and bloods have been shed for it and at the same time means respecting sacrifices made by martyrs, war disables and prisoners of war during the eight years of Sacred Defense and that is why protecting the industry is an absolute necessity.   

According to the message, at a time when arrogant powers constantly try to hinder oil industry progress, oil industry by getting help from an approach which pursuing promotion of scientific and expertise capabilities, is going ahead toward development and progress and at the same time is determined as the strong arm of the country’s economy to play its unique role in the process of production of oil, gas and petrochemicals.

'Current situation of the country has provided a proper opportunity for emerging oil industry capabilities and it is absolutely necessary that all of us to guarantee a better future for our Islamic Country through relentless efforts and Economic Jihad', the text reads.

The petroleum minister’s message concludes: On the eve of New Year, I am hoping New Year to be a year full of health and prosperity for all noble peoples of Iran.


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