Pars Oil & Gas Company

Date: Monday, October 01, 2012    
South Pars Phase 14 Third Jacket Heads for Persian Gulf

The third jacket of South Pars Phase 14 Project was loaded and launched by ISOICO’s engineers.

Mobin Sazeh Gostar Co., (a subsidiary of ISOICO) began the construction of 4 jackets for South Pars Phase 14 and the related platforms a few months ago and it launched the first jacket into waters and installed it in the site location last June, according to SHANA.
The company is responsible for all operations including engineering, procurement, construction, transportation and installation of the jackets. Mobin Sazeh Gostar Company has spent a budget of nearly USD 570 million for construction of the jackets and related platforms.
The jackets weigh 2,000 tons each and they are 80 meters long.