Pars Oil & Gas Company

Date: Saturday, April 07, 2018    
High-tech in SP oil layers production

It is the first time that oil layer is developed and produced from by the refining vessel (FPSO) in Iran. Now, these operations are carried out in south pars oil layer by using high technology.
National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) managing director, Ali Kardor, said that oil production, refining and export process are carried out with high technology for the first time by refining vessel called FPSO in south pars oil layer, public relations reported.
Emphasizing the importance of development of upstream industries in NIOC, Kardor mentioned POGC significant role as one of the pillars of advancement. He added up that due to long history of implementing developmental projects, this company has succeeded in managing EPC projects.
Managing director of NIOC said about the importance of common field development for the country, and the needs to pay attention to them by senior officials as well. He continued "due to great attention and importance of the country's energy production, many efforts have been made in providing financial resources and accelerating the implementation of upstream projects of the oil industry. Fortunately we are now witnessing the implementation of the final stages of developing south pars projects".