Pars Oil & Gas Company

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018    
SP6-8 pipeline to 3rd refinery to exploit

ASSALUYEH – pipeline project connecting phases 6, 7&8 to phases 4&5 is getting ready for exploitation.

Project director of interphase pipeline construction between phases 6-7-8 and 4-5, Soliman Fahimi, announced this project will be exploited with a transfer capacity of 11 million cubic meters of sour gas per day.

This project is aimed to use existing capacity to transfer sour gas from phases 6-7-8, to use sweetening capability of phases 4-5, and to support offshore platforms of relevant phases.

Soliman Fahimi pointed out to possible increase in transferring sour gas from phases 6-7-8. He said "in case of need to refinery's feed, the sour gas with a maximum capacity, nearly 13 million cubic meters, is transferred to its destination by this pipeline".

Considering sensitive working conditions as well as certain safety rules, this pipeline project has been constructed 1700 meters long between phases 6-7-8 and 4-5 by pars oil and gas company as the employer.